The craving sets in; a consuming desire to sate the insatiate.

I lash at the sky, biting the very wind scoring my heart.

It tells me that what I have, I shall forever hold dear.

I have love: she who holds me in darkest night.

I who hold her, in sleeping wakefulness.

I feel it radiate, this yearning so deep.

The ineffable.

The inexpressible.

As lonely as a train call pealing forth in the wilderness.

Stark eyed in midnight lightning.

Yet how do I describe?

I love her. She reaches to me. Lips lush soft rain dropping on my skin.

She lifts me outside of myself, holding a mirror gesturing lovingly – entering inhabiting the cold stranger peering back.

Tendrils of hair, earth on bare feet.

The heat of thunder drumming the summer dark.

This feeling is here.


I taste it on my lips, succored like electric honey.

My tongue, washing as nectar down a desert throat.

I long to tell it to the world.

I long to share its glory – gospel leaves falling everywhere.

The theatre of my mind applauds its just reward.

I love her.

I love.


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