Manifesto #2


1. I will not allow you (society) to enter the sacred church of my mind. You will not penetrate me in ways that are preventable by me.

2. Though the world seeks to harm you Mother Nature, I will be beholden to you always, and celebrate your Goodness through the sacred vestals of poetry, film, photography, writing and calm meditation.

3. Meditate my creativity.

4. Create my meditations.

5. Nobody has me for free but my beloved and my children.

6. Do not pollute mind or body with corporate mentality.

7. Make every moment meaningful, every intention purposed.

8. Remain awash in tidal flats of peace and harmony. The waters that wash over them will be remediated by calm.

9. I will not mold my body from laxity and repose, but through strength and endurance.

10. I will not wallow in negativity. Nobody deserves to hear it, I do not deserve to be subdued by it.

11. Live to create.

12. Create to live.

13. Love always.

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